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Dariusz Stachecki



This year we created in our school an Internet Club. We are about 10 students. We meet every Thursday after classes in multimedia room. Our Club is run by Małgorzata Paszke.
We work with another Internet Club from a College Voltaire, Besancon, France. This Club is run by Genevieve Pivetta – she’s an English teacher.
We have started a correspondence with the members of the French Club in October 2004. We send them short messages once a month.

Besancon is situated in the East of France, near the Swiss frontier. If you like to visit this town on-line Click here!
We decided to write a story together. We have established a LIST OF IDEAS. Before writing a chapter, each team will sent few ideas to their friends from the other team. These ideas must be included in the chapter!!! So we must find informations about these ideas in the Internet. Click here to discover our LIST OF IDEAS.
French Club will write odd chapters (1-3-5…etc) and we will write even chapters (2-4-6…etc), alternately.
As yet two chapters are ready and published in our websites.
We invite you to read it and send us yours opinions.
Each chapter contents a link to an interesting website from the LIST OF IDEAS.
After reading the chapter and the content of the link - you can complete a QUIZ who is proposed with each chapter.
Good luck!